As Unlikely as Monks from Space?

Being a fractal artist, I often end up with the unlikeliest compositions. Unlike a traditional artist who knows beforehand what he would be creating, a fractal artist must continuously see possibilities throughout his creation process. The shapes, the angles, the forms, the colors – they must all come together, both in the artist’s mind as well as on the screen, almost simultaneously.

Following is a composition that happened when after a three-and-half-hour long fruitless spell, I was on the verge of shutting down my computer. An epiphany, perhaps. Or could it be that these alien monks transmitted their images to my computer so that I could tell the world about them. Sounds unlikely! What’s more likely is the possibility that I ended up intercepting an image that was being secretly transmitted to NASA.

Monks from Space - Fractal Art by Ranjeet Anand, Poetry with Pixels - Perpetual Pixels.

These are the Monks from Space. Now how likely is it that you get to meet not one but three?

Posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge “Unlikely.”

The Peace Chakra: Let the mad churning of your thoughts stop now.

The Peace Chakra is one of my personal favorites.

What is Peace?

Peace is defined as a state of tranquility, both within and without. When there’s no war; there’s peace. Where there’s no anger or stress, still there’s peace. So peace is an absence of chaos. It’s the emergence of order. Peace isn’t the stillness of death, it is the calm of life. The harmony of water flowing through a river and the calm of water in a lake are both peaceful, but a stormy sea isn’t. Fire that burns in a controlled manner provides warmth, but when it begins to rage, it brings pain and death.

About the Peace Chakra

The Peace Chakra shows a studied calm. It displays the Continue reading “The Peace Chakra: Let the mad churning of your thoughts stop now.”

The Prolific Creativity of Nature

When Spring arrives in India, it infuses such vibrance in an already colorful country, that it becomes impossible not to stop and admire the prolific creativity of nature.

Prolific is what nature is. While we humans struggle to get our creative juices flowing and spend hours perfecting our creative expression, nature is a pro at it. Each of its creations, from the largest to the tiniest, is perfect. These flowers, probably called Gazanias, illustrate the awesome potential of nature and its creativity.

I shot this photo last spring.

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The Space Arbora – Premium Plots for Sale.

About the Space Arbora:

Welcome to the Space Arbora or the self-sufficient colony anchored half-way  between Jupiter and Earth. If your earthly existence bores your out of your wits and if you dream of emigrating to an out-of-the-world planet, this post is for you. The Space Arbora is currently offering citizenship to men and women aged between twenty and sixty, provided they have the skill to become:

  • Gardeners
  • Nannies
  • Arb-Car Drivers
  • Pole-dancers
  • Butlers


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The Chthonic Eye and its Petrifying Gaze.

The term Chthonic  translates to subterranean.

Oddly (or perhaps purposefully, through their association with fertility,) the female deities have always been associated with earth and the subterranean world. Even in Ancient Egypt, Nut the Goddess was earth, and Geb, the sky.

Yet when the term Chthonic turns up, one feels a certain chill run up their spine because the subterranean has always been associated with the underworld, the dark forces, hell (the Ancient Greek god Hades who was the ruler of the underworld was a Chthonic deity,) and of course, nocturnal sacrifices.

The Chthonic Eye rivets and mystifies and even petrifies – it’s the eye of Continue reading “The Chthonic Eye and its Petrifying Gaze.”

About Poetry with Pixels and Me.

Poetry with Pixels is a tapestry of images plucked from my subconscious and woven using the warp and weft of mathematical art. My love for mathematical art began when as a child I discovered the Spirograph. Later, I studied Engineering and much later and more recently, I became a mobile game producer. As a game producer, I rediscovered my love for art and fractals provided an outlet for my creative energy. My art is Continue reading “About Poetry with Pixels and Me.”

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